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Haunted Places In Kolkata - INKSHIFT

Haunted Places In Kolkata - INKSHIFT

Hello readers, I hope you all are fine. So in today's post, I will say about the top haunted places in Kolkata. If you have guts and if you have a dream to meet with a ghost then visit these places.

1. National Library of India

Popularly known as India's largest library, this place is one of Kolkata's most awful places. It is said and believed ardently that the wife of the governor, Lady Metcalfe, was fond of books and a freak of cleanliness. If things were out of order, she hated it. Several people will tell you that when they were reading alone, they felt like someone was breathing down their neck. Night guards and students who studied until late heard Lady Metcalfe's footsteps and saw fading gray shadows on the wall. One of Kolkata's haunted places.

2. Howrah Bridge - The Lady in White

The Howrah bridge is also said to be a haunt of ghosts, one of Kolkata's most iconic places. Some people may also remember seeing a sobbing woman in white robes, in a nasal voice calling out to them. Those who heard it or tried to get close to the figure claimed to be traumatized. It is said that these spirits are those who died accidentally or willingly. People believe that there are those people's spirits who lost their lives in the Ganges, either through suicide or drowning.

3. Nimtala Ghat

The Nimtala Burning Ghat is one of the oldest burning ghats in Kolkata, another popular haunted spot in Kolkata. Located near Launch Ghat in Ahiritola, North Kolkata. On the occasion of Kali Puja, the aghoris come to the ghat where they eat the burned bodies and smear the ash on their own. Local people believe that it is not necessary to say the name loudly.

 4. Putulbari - A house full of dolls in Kolkata 

Putulbari is not so far from the haunted Nimtala Ghat, near the Sovabazar jetty. This place's story is that in olden days many women have been killed, who now roam here as ghosts. Many visitors heard the laughter of women, and the anklets clinked even when there was none but them. Hitherto there are some inhabitants in the house, nobody has guts to visit this haunted house's upper floors. If you're brave enough to walk to the upper floors, you gain full self - respect.

5. Writer's Building

Writer's Building is located in Kolkata's Binoy Badal Dinesh Bagh, a place where apparently the dead man is walking. The story behind the haunted place is a man who works in the name of an East India Company is Captain Simpson, who was assassinated during the fight for independence by revolutionaries. It's his soul that seems to be walking here at night. 

6. Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Metro Station Rabindra Sarovar is the only metro station where suicide is common, 80 percent of the suicides occur at this Metro Station. Public reports have been reported seeing hazy figures passing through pillars of the platform and track of the railway. The last train running at midnight is said to be haunted, in particular. If you have guts then experience this station's last train.

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